A vast swathe of arid earth. A stretch of the Tsauchub river and the ever moving, land changing Hebron vault. This was the stage for the ancient San people to dance their adventures to each other within the safe glow of their evening fires, surrounded by their yellow grass huts. These resilient nomads etched out a living on the plains and mountains where Desert Hills Lodge rests today.

In the more recent epoch new commercially minded people settled on these very same plains, mountains and dunes and would come to call it home; this time through the practice of animal husbandry. They named the piece of land Hebron meaning “the binding friendship place” and primarily farmed karakul sheep for their wool and skins. In 1981 the Porteus family acquired a portion of farm Hebron, and recently decided to open this incredibly beautiful piece of land to tourism.

Desert Hills Lodge opened its doors in June 2018. The lodge comprises of 18 individual on-suite luxury huts, inspired by the San peoples grass huts of old. Guests can relax around the bar, refresh themselves at the pool or take their meals in the breath-taking restaurant, overlooking the magnificent vastness.


Mouth watering cuisine, the coolness of a crystal pool in the desert and unique yet luxurious accommodation makes Desert Hills a dream destination when visiting the Sossusvlei region of Namibia.


There are few things so powerful as to wake up to the splendor of the desert stretching to the limits of your vision. Tendrils of sunlight lazily creeping about in preparation for their day, their primordial existence in sync with the age of the stones around you. We pride ourselves on providing luxurious comfort and rest to all our clients by only using the best quality linen, 100% cotton towels and fragrant bathroom amenities.


Inspired by the huts of the ancient peoples of the Namib, designed, built and engineered by the owners and founders, Desert Hills Lodge is certainly a visual delight. The proprietary designs of the high grass domes leave one in awe as the eye journeys across its curved organic surfaces, without the edges and corners of the buildings of the daily hustle and bustle of cities.


Not only do we wish that you enjoy your sleep and cuisine when visiting Desert Hills Lodge, but we want you to go back home invigorated by grand adventure and exclusive experiences. Nature drives to look at the unique fauna and flora adapted to desert life, sun-downers to greet yet another spectacularly full day, Sossuvlei and Sesriem Canyon trips to marvel at the splendors of the Namib, or even just hiking along the mountain trails cut into the mountains by zebras over centuries.

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